FACES Mears Park Wedding
Jessica and Jarred

Faces-on-Mears-Park-Wedding-01 by Onsite Minnesota.Faces-on-Mears-Park-Wedding-02 by Onsite Minnesota.Faces-on-Mears-Park-Wedding-03 by Onsite Minnesota.Faces-on-Mears-Park-Wedding-04 by Onsite Minnesota.Faces-on-Mears-Park-Wedding-05 by Onsite Minnesota.

Awesome wooden rings.

Faces-on-Mears-Park-Wedding-06 by Onsite Minnesota.

The groom’s fingerprint lines the Jessica’s engagement ring.

Faces-on-Mears-Park-Wedding-07 by Onsite Minnesota.Faces-on-Mears-Park-Wedding-08 by Onsite Minnesota.Faces-on-Mears-Park-Wedding-09 by Onsite Minnesota.Faces-on-Mears-Park-Wedding-10 by Onsite Minnesota.Faces-on-Mears-Park-Wedding-11 by Onsite Minnesota.Faces-on-Mears-Park-Wedding-12 by Onsite Minnesota.Faces-on-Mears-Park-Wedding-13 by Onsite Minnesota.

I love this photo.

Faces-on-Mears-Park-Wedding-14 by Onsite Minnesota.Faces-on-Mears-Park-Wedding-15 by Onsite Minnesota.Faces-on-Mears-Park-Wedding-16 by Onsite Minnesota.Faces-on-Mears-Park-Wedding-17 by Onsite Minnesota.Faces-on-Mears-Park-Wedding-18 by Onsite Minnesota.Faces-on-Mears-Park-Wedding-19 by Onsite Minnesota.Faces-on-Mears-Park-Wedding-20 by Onsite Minnesota.

The screws for the box were a pain to tighten, making for a pretty funny moment!

Faces-on-Mears-Park-Wedding-21 by Onsite Minnesota.Faces-on-Mears-Park-Wedding-22 by Onsite Minnesota.Faces-on-Mears-Park-Wedding-23 by Onsite Minnesota.

A fun photobooth alternative.

Faces-on-Mears-Park-Wedding-24 by Onsite Minnesota.Faces-on-Mears-Park-Wedding-25 by Onsite Minnesota.Faces-on-Mears-Park-Wedding-26 by Onsite Minnesota.Faces-on-Mears-Park-Wedding-27 by Onsite Minnesota.

I love this photo of Jessica’s mom.

Faces-on-Mears-Park-Wedding-28 by Onsite Minnesota.Faces-on-Mears-Park-Wedding-29 by Onsite Minnesota.Faces-on-Mears-Park-Wedding-30 by Onsite Minnesota.

A lot of help from family and friends went into this DIY wedding.  The ceremony was intimate under the roof of the pavilion in Mears Park, as a soft rain fell all around.

Ceremony: Mears Park, Saint Paul
Reception: FACES Mears Park, Saint Paul
Dress Salon: Dina Marie
Hair: Kim Carrier, Hairesy Salon
Makeup: Charity Dyck
Men’s Formalwear: Joseph A Banks
Engagement ring: Brent&Jess
Wedding Bands: Minter and Richter Designs
Officiate: Chris Wehrman, Prospect Park United Methodist Church
DJ: Will Brownson (aka DJ Spanky)
Ceremony Music: Tad Thompson, vocalist
Invitations: E.M. PapersSaint Paul Wedding Photography: Onsite Minnesota Photography


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Charity Dyck

I am in love with these!!! Absolutely stunning, love how you captured the ‘in the moment’ feel. Beautiful. Please tell me I can use some of these for my website?!!?

Charity Dyck

Diane Whalen

I am a former classmate of Shirley’s and I am a licensed minister so I am always interested in looking at the way various ceremonies/wedding are done – This wedding was beautifully done and you can see that this young couple, by the look in their eyes have a great love for each other and are ready for dealing with life’s ups and downs. Shirley you look amazing. Best Wishes to the newlyweds.

Julie Bentley

It brought me such joy to see your beautiful pictures. Memories to last your lifetime! Isn’t it just the best day!!

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